6 Tips To Improve Your Energy Efficiency

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Taxes, loans, mortgages, auto insurance, health insurance, gas, clothing, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, HBO, Spotify, Uber, etc. The list of expenses goes on, and it is, frankly, quite exhausting. Isn’t it? So why not try to lower your energy consumption so at least you lower some of your house bills? Improving your energy efficiency is not only the smartest move for the environment, but it is also the best for your bank account. 

Hence, we are here to help you and your wallet with a list of proven practices that will help you improve the way you manage your energy intake. Just be sure to put them into practice! 

Open your windows

That’s about it. Simply turn off your lights and take advantage of the daylight that comes through your windows. Using natural light is one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption, which could help you save up to 70% of the energy used in lighting your home. You can also try installing bigger and wider windows or even a roof light, which both accomplish the job and look spectacular. When it comes to boosting your energy efficiency, remember that mother nature is always there to help. And it’s free. 

Paint your walls in light colors

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the prominent use of sunlight as your light source. Neutral white tones and light shades of gray and blue instantly turn every wall and roof in your house into light reflectors. These colors not only brighten every space without the need to use an on-and-off switch, but they also provide a stylish look, make us feel calmer, and boost our mood. Plus, there’s no better “mood booster” than knowing that you’re lowering the electricity bill. 

Look for cracks in your doors and windows

Smart consumers never forget to inspect the doors and windows in their homes. That is a fact. Why? Because cracks and droughts increase the amount of energy your house uses in cooling. Though you could employ a magnifying glass if you like, one of the best ways to check for drafts is using a candle. Simply light it and place it next to a window or door and see if the flame flickers. If it does, that means you should seal some gaps. Or you could also take out those doors and windows and replace them with ones of superior quality. If that’s the case, try to find some specially designed to avoid cracks so that your house becomes more energy efficient. Yet, whatever you choose to do, remember that scanning your home is free while being unprepared will ultimately cost a lot of money and time. 

Turn off the thermostat (or at least turn it up)

Turning off the thermostat is the best thing you can do to save energy each time you go out. But if you can’t do that because it is simply too hot outside and you want to come home to a cooler environment, at least try to turn up the temperature by a few degrees. Since your AC would have to work less when you are not around, it will drastically reduce how much energy it needs to function. Even though your house may feel warmer when you get back and you might want to rush into a cold shower, you will elevate your energy efficiency and lower your electricity bill by a ton. Turning up the thermostat before heading out only takes a couple of seconds. That is a very quick strategy to help the planet and improve both your lifestyle and house finances. A few degrees can make a whole lot of difference. 

Don’t forget AC maintenance

When was the last time that you had your AC checked by a professional? That long, huh? Without maintenance, AC filters coils get clogged, ducts get blocked and filters get dirty. And that terrible combination makes your air conditioner work harder to achieve the same results without much concern for your new sky-high electricity bills. So remember maintaining your air conditioning unit is far more affordable than having to replace your AC unit. 

Clean your light bulbs and lamps (regularly too!)

Small details make all the difference, don’t they? And regularly cleaning your light bulbs and lamps confirms that. One simple action can take you from a high electricity bill with low rewards to a low electricity bill with high and eco-friendly rewards. 

Tidying up your light bulbs and lamps is not the usual activity you would include in your regular house chores, but you might want to change that because dirty bulbs consume at least 30% more energy than clean ones. It’s an easy chore that will make your house look brighter and your electricity bill way smaller. 

Summing it up

There’s no need for dramatic changes. It does not take much to reduce your energy consumption and enhance your energy efficiency. Just start by implementing small changes to your daily routine. Sometimes, simpler solutions are the most powerful ones. Nevertheless, we´re here to help you find the right way to put them into action. Give us a call and our team of skilled, specialized workers will gladly become your helping hand. Taking care of your economy and home is your top priority, ours is to help you achieve your goals. 


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