How to pick only the best Hurricane Impact Windows

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Hurricane season is here, folks. It is time to take shelter from the inclement weather. It’s time to protect your home and family from violent winds, torrential rains, and broken glass. Therefore, you can’t afford to lag in the technology and materials used to equip your home against terrible conditions. When it comes to fundamental items that guarantee the safety of your home, you must choose top-notch materials from the best suppliers. You must choose the best Hurricane Impact Windows, or you might suffer some consequences.  

Also known as laminated glass, Hurricane Impact Windows are fabricated from two pieces of glass, strengthened with a polymer layer that’s both flexible and powerful. Hurricane Impact Windows surpass standard glass’s ability to guard your home against extreme wind speeds and wind-borne debris since the polymer layer always remains intact and stops the glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces that could represent great danger.  

However, not all suppliers use the right materials. Not all suppliers have the necessary professional knowledge. Not all suppliers are reliable. Hence, we’ve compiled a guide for you to follow when choosing the best impact windows for your house, 

Beware of the frames 

Any movie lover would tell you that framing matters, and so would any trustworthy construction worker. So, when installing your impact windows, you must understand the significance of using sound, resistant, heavy frames. Why? Because these frames are the ones that are going to hold the impact glass in its place. Buying and installing high-quality, expensive impact glass while also having cheap frames is like getting a Ferrari with a Corolla motor. Is it the smartest investment? Probably not. 

Components matter. The best material you could use for your frame is aluminum. Aluminum is a dependable, easy-to-find, impact-absorbing material. It is also as heavy and resistant as the glass you´ll be using. Never forget to use the same quality glass and frames since strong winds could cause damage to the inside of your windows, leave gaps between the frame and the glass, and ultimately risk the safety of your house. 

Use corrosion-resistant materials 

Ocean lovers, you have been warned.  

Did you know that living near the coast can lead saltwater to damage your windows, especially if they were not made with corrosion-resistant materials? It is true. Not using the proper materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, could cause natural conditions to weaken the frames and jeopardize the accurate functioning of your impact windows.  

But hold on. These materials are still the best choice in the market even if your home is located far away from the ocean. And it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Check the level of Hurricane Resistance 

Yes, hurricane resistant windows have levels too. So, whenever you pick windows for your home, don’t forget to revise a characteristic known as the Design Pressure (or DP for short). DP’s number indicates the level of resistance that any particular window has to withstand the pressure caused by extreme winds during hurricane season. The DP required for your windows may vary depending on where you live, however, since the inhabitants of Florida are exposed to every type of hurricane known to mankind, we suggest you choose the highest level of DP.  

Picture the situation: you find yourself in the department store talking to specialists and qualified staff, trying to choose the perfect window, the safest one, and the staff member suddenly asks you what DP are you looking for. At that moment, we advise that the minimum DP level you answer is 50. Though there are sturdier options, this rating is capable of withstanding strong hurricane-force winds and storms.  

Look for an expert opinion 

Yes, you can pick and install the right impact windows for your house all by yourself. Nevertheless, you could be overlooking crucial aspects, so adding a helping hand from an expert is always a tremendous idea. When you’re there checking DP’s and Corrosion Resistance, don’t be afraid to call for assistance as there are several qualified people whose job is to aid you and make sure your house windows are fully secured.  

Also recognize that choosing the right material and style of the window is not the end of the road, but only the beginning. Proper installation is vital as well. Therefore, it’s advisable to bring a professional to your home so that he or she carries out the installation procedure without jeopardizing anyone’s safety. 

Summing it up 

Hurricane Impact windows are foolproof components for securing your home against the risk posed by hurricanes. Nonetheless, simply having the window is not enough, especially when you are not an expert in the field. In that case, your best option is to contact someone more knowledgeable to assist you during every step of the process.  

Bear in mind that, whether it is by providing you with essential information, helping you choose the right materials, or installing the windows by your side, our team of experts is more than happy to support you. 


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