10 Reasons Why You NEED To Install Impact Windows this Hurricane Season

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As a homeowner in South Florida, one of the greatest responsibilities you have for your home is to protect it during the intense hurricane season. The threat of hurricane damage itself is more costly than the protection needed to overcome it. South Florida has the most storms out of any state or region in all of North America and arguably one of the most in the world. Safety priorities here are a little different than anywhere else, especially when the chance of storms extending into intense hurricanes is also very likely.

One way to protect your house and the people in it from the dangers of these scary weather conditions is by installing Florida State Upgrades Premium Impact Windows. It’s inevitable that at some point a massive storm will take down your existing windows and potentially harm you and your family, which gives you great reason to install impact windows in your home. If you’re still not convinced, below are the top 10 reasons why it’s truly a worthy project and why you should take action now.

1. You will save money on energy bills

Hurricane-resistant windows have flawless insulation properties and keep all the climate-controlled air inside your home. The prevention of air leaving your house alone will keep extra money in your pocket over the course of the year. You will soon start to see your energy bills decrease.

2. Looking to sell? Impact Windows Add Value to Your Home

The ultimate goal when attempting to sell your home is to get as much money for it as possible. Increasing the value of your home by installing impact-resistant windows is one of the few effortless ways to do so. Whether it’s first-time homeowners, or just someone looking to rent the space out, home buyers are aware of the storm conditions in South Florida, which is why they are likely to gravitate towards the hurricane-safe homes.

3. Extends the Lifespan of Your A/C and Heating Unit

As mentioned above, impact windows have fantastic insulation capabilities, which means your heating and cooling units in your home will have less work to do and more time off. A reduction of their usage will slow down the strain on their parts, hence increasing their overall durability and lifespan. You won’t have to replace your a/c as often with hurricane impact windows.

4. Protects Against Storms and Hurricanes

It’s safe to say this is the most obvious and primary reason as to why you should install impact-resistant windows in your home when living in South Florida. Besides rushing to look for last-minute, unreliable, and unsafe solutions to protect your home when a hurricane arises, installing impact-resistant windows will offer permanent protection to your home. No more panic. No more running around. You and your family are safe.

5. Adds Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

In today’s world, where ever evolving high-end technology is used in manufacturing, it is not only possible to create sturdy and insulating windows but also aesthetically pleasing ones. Upon installation, impact-resistant windows will provide an instant beautiful and rich appeal to your household.

6. Protects Against Intruders

Not only do impact-resistant windows keep storms outside your home, but they also keep intruders out as well. This is of course due to their strong and compact design, making it next to impossible to break in. It gives you peace of mind knowing that impact-resistant windows are one effective way to keep potential burglars far away from your home.

7. Reduces Noise

If you live in an area where it’s super loud, for example, next to the highway or a busy downtown street, then impact windows are here to save you. Their build-up of a thick and insulating material helps the windows block all noise that comes from outside your home.

8. Simple to Use

Since impact-resistant windows operate just like your current regular windows, they are super easy to use. You don’t need special tools, equipment, or extra strength to use them.

9. Discount on Your Insurance

Insurance companies that are located in frequent storm regions consider impact-resistant windows as a significant safety measure. The added safety helps homeowners earn a premium discount when it comes to their home insurance. Less chances of your home being damaged, less expensive the insurance rate. It’s that simple!

10. Protects Against UV Damage

If you’re a homeowner, it’s worth knowing that UV rays that enter through your regular windows can seriously damage parts of your home such as wood, fabrics and carpets. Fortunately, impact-resistant windows can stop these rays which allows for longer-lasting and better-looking material inside your home. No more faded furniture.

Are you ready to finally protect your home with Impact Resistant Windows? If so, contact our team of professionals to schedule an appointment today!


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