5 Signs to Identify If You Have Impact-Resistant Windows

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Are your windows safe enough? 

Are you 100% sure? 

A Category 2 storm can generate wind speeds from 96-110 mph. The Design Pressure (DP) is the indicator of a window’s strength and most standard windows have a DP of 15, which holds up to 77mph. 

That’s right. The majority of Standard Windows can’t even hold a Category 2 storm. So how would they face up against a Category 5 hurricane with over 170 miles per hour? Probably not that good. 

High speed winds are terrifying. The immense pressure can shatter your windows and now you have a bunch of broken glass lying around the floor. But that’s not the end of it, as hurricanes also come with water. And A LOT of water, which can then cause great damage to your walls, floors, furniture, air conditioning and roof. They can substantially raise your bills and harm your family. 

How do you avoid these terrible things from happening? You get hurricane impact windows. Impact-resistant windows are crucial to protect your home, especially during Hurricane Season when the weather is unpredictable. Why? Because in the face of the wildest wind speeds, their polymer reinforcement guarantees that they stay in place, holding the glass still even if it shatters. 

This guide is for everyone uncertain about whether their windows are impact-resistant or potentially dangerous. 

How do you know if your windows resist high impact? 

Different production materials ensure different levels of safety. To avoid risks it is vital to know how to identify the best materials for your windows as well as how to use them properly. Hence, we have compiled a list for you with 4 ways to identify if your windows can face hurricanes and remain safe and sound. 

Check the reflection 

Get close to your window. Closer. Good! Now take a glance and check the reflection on the glass using any object. How many times can you see the item reflected? 

This is one of the best methods to know if your window glass is strong enough since impact-resistant windows are composed of several layers, which reflect objects multiple times. If the window only projects the object once, it is time to up your windows game with a new and stronger glass. 

 Still unsure about the quality of your glass after scanning its reflection? Don’t worry, there are more methods to review it. 

Check for a label 

Considering that you are already by the window, you might as well look for any label or permanent mark on the glass. Suppliers and manufacturers want to make sure you know that the material you bought for your window is high-quality and built by true professionals. And as part of their branding strategy, most true professionals stamp their mark somewhere on the glass, most times on the corners. 

Rather than being about how expensive or popular the brand is or which glass looks better, this simple tip can provide tons of information regarding the manufacturer’s ratings and reviews. And with that information, you are more equipped to make decisions to ensure the right level of safety to cope with different and changeable weather conditions. 

Evaluate the rating of the window 

If there is one piece of knowledge you want to carry with you after reading this article, let this be it: not all impact-resistant windows resist every type of emergency. Different windows have different levels of resistance to fight against the forces of nature. You should know them. 

As in the case of hurricanes, these are classified into different numeric categories: from 1 to 

5. The higher the number, the greater the risk posed by the hurricane. Windows share the same numerical system when it comes to their levels of resistance. Hence, the higher the rating of the window, the stronger and safer it is when it does its job. 

Certain windows can withstand category 5 hurricanes, while others are only safe for category 2 or 3 hurricanes at most. The actual strength varies according to the material, weight, type of glass, etc. And even though these conditions have an impact (pun intended) on the final price, bear in mind that they could also determine the safety of your house and family. 

Nevertheless, if you are still not convinced that your window is (or isn’t) strong enough for an upcoming hurricane, we’ll show you the fourth and final way to make sure that your window is safe. 

Inspect the frame material 

Well done! You made sure that your window glass is strong enough to confront harsh conditions during Hurricane Season. Is it over? Is everyone safe and sound? 


Finally, you must make sure that your window frame is also robust enough to withstand the weight of the glass and the weather conditions it will face. And you do that by scanning the materials that build the frames. Some materials are better, more resistant, and more durable than others. Aluminum, for instance, has the property of helping to maintain the internal temperature of your home, and it is the best of all. Other materials such as wood and vinyl are good alternatives but do not come close to aluminum in quality or strength. 

Take these considerations into account, give them a thought or two and decide which is the best option for your home: changing the frame, changing the glass, or installing a brand-new window. But overall, remember that… 

We are here for you! 

From consulting with expert advice and supplying you with the best impact-resistant windows on the market to installing them for you, we are here to assist you anytime you need. We specialize in single-hung, horizontal roller, fixed picture, casement, architectural and awning windows. 

Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate. We offer 100% financing, so there’s no need to put money down right away and don’t worry about your credit score, it is none of our business. We’ll evaluate your case and act, accordingly, letting you know if your financing was approved in 30 minutes or less. 

Your family’s safety and the security of your home are your top priority. And ours too. 


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