3 Types of Roof Damages You Need To Fix Before Hurricane Season

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It is time to be alert, folks. Hurricane Season is upon us. 

We know the welfare of your family is your number one priority, especially on these risky days. The best way to achieve this is by armoring your home to resist any weather, regardless of how inclement or unpredictable. And is there anything that should offer more protection than the roof?  

You may think your roof is safe and sturdy enough to withstand the various conditions ahead, but it is better to be safe than sorry, and now a safety check does not sound like a bad idea.  

If you are not confident about the level of security provided by the roof of your house, you are in the right place to learn more about it. Here are the best tips to focus on preparing your roof for the most challenging moments of Hurricane Season. 

Fix any cracks and punctures 

Your roof should always perform to the best of its capacities. And when facing a hurricane, it should perform at the best of its capacities and some more.  

But how do you make sure that your ceiling is in the right condition? You check and double-check for any damage, even the slightest scratch. Because no matter how small the crack is, hurricanes send debris at full speed towards the surface of your roof, and the fissure could expand. 

Any gap can affect a roof’s durability and resistance during Hurricane Season. So, if you find any, call a professional to assist you in fixing it and guarantee that the roof is 100% prepared for the fight. 

Check your shingles 

Shingles, shingles, shingles. Is there any other agent so consistently reliable to guard your ceiling?  

Shingles may vary in form and material, from asphalt to metal and even wood. However, they were all created to fulfil the same function: become a protective (extra) layer for your roof. Shingles shield against water, wind, snow, toilet paper (especially during prank season), and any weather condition that may affect the top’s integrity. Therefore, it is vital to inspect the condition of your shingles. And to do so at least twice a year. This way you can detect every tiny damage or defect and repair them immediately, or if necessary, replace the old ones with new and more resistant tiles. Don’t worry, we can help you with that. 

Beware of trees 

Security is priority number one when it comes to housing but making it look nice and clean comes in close. So why wouldn’t anyone want to have trees next to their home? Mother nature adds prominence and the trees surrounding your house make for a beautiful landscape. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the risks involved. 

Tree branches can cause electrical problems when they collide with cables and installations, most of us know that. Yet some people ignore that trees can also compromise the physical integrity of your roof. With highspeed winds, trees can fall, and their branches can hit and damage the shingles or surface, causing cracks and leaks. 

Similarly, leaves and branches accumulated on the roof, along with high humidity levels, can drastically affect your ceiling. And with Hurricane Season knocking on the door, are you willing to take that risk? Of course not. You are only willing to take the highest possible level of safety to shelter your loved ones. 

However, we also know that you care about nature and the environment, so the best thing to do is to prune only the branches that represent a danger to your roof. 

Call a professional 

When in doubt or about to face a threat, call the people who know the best. 

No matter how handy you are, we can all use help from experienced professionals. Qualified professionals not only guarantee a full inspection of the area, but they can also take proper care of any type of labor required to ensure that your roof meets the requirements to face the upcoming hurricane season. 

Remember that roofing is a tough and dangerous task. So, even though trying to DIY out of the situation is the cheapest option, sometimes that solution could pose a greater risk (and let’s not even mention medical bills if you have an accident). 

Call a professional and keep your family safe by keeping yourself safe.  

We have your back 

Whether you want to improve the condition of your roof, inspect your shingles, or are just looking for an expert opinion, we are here for you.  

We have the finest materials, the best-qualified personnel, and years of experience to back us up. If you face a threat, we have seen it before and already know what to do about it. So, give us a call and we will reply with the solutions. 


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